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Your Rights are Your Rights, Even With a DUI

Your Rights are Your Rights, Even With a DUI

No how careful and assured one is regarding their own body and tolerance levels, its safe to say every now and then there is the occasional driver who believes they can drive a vehicle safely despite having had an alcoholic drink or two prior to being on the road. Not everyone’s constitution is the same and everyone should adhere to the laws of the state regarding safe driving and the pertinent DUI laws. However, in the off chance that one finds him or herself in a situation where a cop stops you for a random breathalyzer test and you fail, its going to be a good idea to be properly represented.

Throughout the state of California, there exists the chance that one will find themselves in such a situation being on the road after a social occasion and that possible drink. For such instances, there are lawyers that can help, such as an Alameda DUI lawyer, who are capable of providing the right representation that everyone is entitled to.  This can be very opportune if and when an arrest has happened. It is during that time where it is paramount to have proper legal counsel so as to not make a bad situation become worse.

Alameda DUI lawyer

At every stage, from the moment to arrest to the time where a court appearance is deemed necessary, a criminal defense attorney can expertly maneuver the many possible outcomes in such an event. Whether its during the hearings, sentencing, or appeal process, even if one were to have full control of the facts, an attorney will be there to ensure that every right you are entitled to is respected and given to you. Things don’t need to get any more expensive due to not having the right legal representation, and even in cases of a DUI, it is important to be prepared.